So, you've found Cassidy's little corner of the web, eih? Good on you! Well, here you can find pictures, logs, and info on the character as well as a bit on the player (aka ME!).

Restart Revamp! - July 10th - I've just overhauled the page in keeping with the recent restart on Snitch. The layout has remained unchanged, but background, personality, and logs have been changed to reflect their new versions.

Navigation is simple: follow the links along the bottom of this window to get to where you're going.

If you find any errors in the pages, or have a comment you'd like to make, you can either page or @mail Cassidy on the game, or email me.

Oh, and a note - I designed this on a computer with a very high screen resolution (1152x864). I've tried to keep it workable for any screen size, but those with particularly small browser windows might not find it very pleasing to the eye. For that I apologize.

And, for those of you wondering, Cassidy is a character I play on A Snitch in Time MUSH.

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