This webpage is created for my roleplaying character, Uialuin Nimgilwen. I play Uialuin on Beleriand, a Tolkien-based MUSH set in the first age. She is a Doriathim - an elven inhabitant of Doriath.

Here, you can find her history, description, links I've chosen, and perhaps images, if I can find any that I like. Navigation is simple - to visit a page, simply choose the appropriate link at the top.

You can visit the pages of my other characters from different games. If you need to get in contact with me, you can -mail Uialuin on the game, or send me an email.

Uialuin is an original creation of mine, but the world she lives in belongs to Tolkien and the proper copyright holders. Other characters appearing in logs belong to their respective creators. Please do not take anything without permission.