Born the third child to a lower-class Wizarding family, Avery was Keelan and Hestia's first daughter. She would be followed a few years later by two more girls, landing her squarely in the middle of five children, a position sure to get her overlooked at most every turn, despite her parents' best attempts to the contrary.

The Frasers, of Cambridge, had little in the way of money, but much in the way of love. Both Keelan and Hestia had graduated from Hogwarts in 1967, alumni of the Hufflepuff house, the qualities of which they both embraced thoroughly. Their entire adult lives, no favour would go unpaid, no bid for help unanswered. Although they hadn't much, the Frasers were willing to give away anything they could spare to anyone claiming need for it.

Her parents kind to a fault, Avery spent her childhood watching them get burned by those more mean-spirited and ambitious time and time again. Unable to believe their naivety, Avery decided that she would never allow herself to be put in their place. At the age of eight, the young girl had an epiphany; she came to the startling and disturbing realization that being kind got you very little in return, whereas being cruel and vindictive had dividends beyond the scope of her imagination. She could not comprehend why she should continue being generous and friendly when it did not seem to benefit her in any way. Beyond that, she could not see any sense in remaining poor, when it seemed easy enough to become wealthy and powerful. She vowed to someday become one of the most talented and rich witches in history, even if it meant being one of the most hated to do so.

Unable to cope with the naivety of her parents, whom honestly believed that being nice was its own reward, Avery began to pull away from her family. The rest of her siblings seemed to take after her parents, to various degrees, leaving young Avery as the only member of her family who would not give the shirt of her back if someone asked politely for it.

Avery basically lost her faith in mankind at the age of eight years old. She decided it was fair to take advantage of anyone who was stupid enough to be taken advantage of. Hypocritically, she remained fiercely loyal to her family, doing her best to keep them from having to face any more hardship. Although, according to Avery's definition, they were deeply stupid, they were still family, and they were all she had. Still, being the only one different in a large family did not make it easy to fit in. Slowly, she began pulling away from the others, spending more and more time on her own. She found she rather enjoyed her own company, liked the peace of being alone, after sharing such a small house with so many people. Her parents did their best to oblige her, moving her younger sisters into the same room, so that Avery could have her own - a tiny little space, barely more than a walk-in closet tacked on to the house in its later years, but Avery loved it dearly.

When it came time for her to start Hogwarts, Avery was readily sorted into the Slytherin house, after a short interior monologue with the Sorting Hat. All of her time and energy was divided up between learning everything she could and making friends with pretty much any older student who would let her. A willing protoge, Avery was quickly embraced by most of the older students who set to work properly moulding her into a good Slytherin. She was willing to do pretty much anything for anyone, if she thought it would pay off in the end. Her grades were very high, near the top of the class, at least in those subjects she deemed 'important'. Beyond her schoolwork, too, she could often be found pouring over heavy old books from the library, trying to absorb anything that might help her in her quest to become powerful, rich and famous.

After catching on that all Umbridge's class would consist of was reading, she quickly whipped through the book on her own time, then spent the time in class working on her own projects - namely, trying to find some way to sneak into the restricted section so she could take a look at the wealth of information contained therein. All she's managed to do so far is turn herself black as coal, but she's set to begin trying anew come her second year. Too young to be a member of Umbridge's squad, she still supported her housemates heartily in their endeavours, and could often be found smirking proudly whenever another house would catch hell from them. The escape of the Death Eaters worries her slightly, only because she now realizes things are about to get very serious, and sides are going to be drawn. She's nearing the point of no return, and while she may not quite recognize it, subconsciously she knows her time as an innocent may be soon ending.